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Mr. Silver has moves like Jagger!
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After going to the Smithsonian, here is what I would look like in the Caveman Era...

Pinnacle: Check your child's grades!


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6th Grade Merit Links

Merit Textbook Link
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7th Grade Merit Links:
Merit: Textbook Link:
username: MAC204 password: traD5U8uP37th Grade Honors Links:Honors: Textbook Link
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Back By Popular Demand!

The Newest Craze- SHIKAKU - almost like Sodouko, but different!

Other Skills to Come:

Graph Linear Equations

Math Magician: How many can you get correct in 60 seconds?
Mental Math: Another 60 second website.
Choose your Challenge!: Choose any game with "multiplication."
Logical Thinking- Rush Hour-- move your car out of the traffic
Logical Thinking- Rush Hour II-- more like the board game ----
MasterMind: The Game



Introduction To Algebra Unit Links:

Integer Race Car: Choose HARD. Print out your score
Order of Operations: You are given the answer, you come up with the problem given certain numbers
Evaluate Expressions: See how well you can do with 10 practice problems.
Simplifying Expressions: Match the correct answers
Review Expressions: A short quiz on what you should know by the end of this unit.
Solve 2-Step Equations: Solve as many as you can in 60 seconds!



Sample Math Problems